Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Seriously, I Really Have Nothing I'm trying it.  Everyone's said I should blog and it's on my New Year's Resolution List.  I guess I'm getting a head start.  The thing is I really don't want to be one of those "schmucks" who writes about pointless random things and has no point to their blog what-so-ever; however, I haven't really figured out where I'm going with I guess call my schmuck.

I feel like I'm a decent story teller, but what makes the stories enjoyable are my facial expressions.  Once I figure out how to upload pictures, you may find I will randomly insert a facial expression I would have used if this was face to face.  Since my computer is new....this is the only picture I could find.  Deal. 

I guess I'll just start by rattling off one of my many random opinions about things.  I just finished reading Mindy Kahing's book...which was crazy hilarious.  And really all it was was her giving her opinion on random things.  Okay. I can do this.

Random opinion/story for the day:

So I decided to run to the nearest KFC/Taco Bell for dinner tonight.  As I'm pulling in to my garage, I realize that my left front light is out.  I kid you not, I have to change a light on my car every 3 weeks.  What is the deal?  It's not like I'm Batman or something and am driving around all night long looking to solve crime.  My lights are automatic....they only turn on when it's dark.  Something has to be wrong.  I just really don't want to take her to the car doctor.  I guess I'll just do what I always do...."Hey, Dad....." :)